this is the closest I’ll ever come to writing a traditional style / beauty article so enjoy it!

December 2022

you might call it a 2022 favourites list, but I wouldn't
you like me, you like me not... on book-clubs, likability, and Ottessa Moshfegh’s My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

November 2022

the second edition of my Reading Journal examines a book of short stories all about mad women

September 2022

Reading Journal reflections on Letters to a Young Poet

May 2022

big mistake. huge.
what would it take to be authentic and write off auto-pilot? maybe like driving a stick-shift.
once upon a time the moons of the milky way talked amongst themselves

March 2022

if I’ve lived in three states and four european countries, am I really an american anymore?

January 2022

experts warn we aren't getting the recommended daily dose of capitalism, suggest adding to social interactions could reduce deficit!
what? don’t you fantasise about the hyper-specific true crime podcast you’d host?

December 2021

no, I am not talking about dirty laundry